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All TASBO certificates shall be valid for three years from the date granted. Certificates will be renewed upon completion of the continuing education requirements of 60 hours every three years. The purpose of the continuing education requirement is to verify that certificate holders remain knowledgeable and current in their field of expertise.

At least 12 of the 60 required hours must be taken through TASBO workshops, education courses, or Annual/Summer Conferences. The remaining hours may be taken through any of TASBO's approved providers.

List of Approved Providers List of Approved Providers (as of July 2014)

To receive credit for non-TASBO continuing education events, a CEU form must be turned in to TASBO. For TASBO events, forms will be provided at the event to fill out and submit. For training provided by our Approved Providers, use the CEU form below and submit.

CEU Form

All persons or organizations seeking to provide Continuting Education (CEU) activities to TASBO certified personnel must register and be approved by TASBO using the following form.

Approved Provider Application